I want the beautiful Hollywood white smile. What's the best way to get this look without harm to my teeth? (photo)

I have tried the expensive whitening strips, but not the result I want, and makes my teeth really sensitive for a day or two afterwards.

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How to achieve a sparkling white Hollywood smile

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What a beautiful smile you have! The two options I recommend to my patients who want to achieve that dazzling white Hollywood smile is through two different systems I use in my clinics everyday. The first being the 'no fuss' in clinic procedure ZOOM. ZOOM is for those patients that want an instant result, and do not have the time or patience to use whitening trays. ZOOM is a fantastic system that can be completed in a one hour appointment. Our practice favourite, which all of my staff have had, is ENLIGHTEN. ENLIGHTEN is a two week process, you have impressions taken, a custom set of trays made and you then are given two syringes of gel, one 10% and one 16% and you use them at home for one week each, the 10% for one week, followed by a week of the 16%. You then return to the practice and have your final in clinic session. ENLIGHTEN guarantees a B1 shade, which is the natural, movie star white you desire. If you decide to have either of these procedures, be sure to use a sensitivity toothpaste if you have any sensitivity. Most practices will provide you with the ENLIGHTEN brand tooth sensitivity gel if you opt to have the ENLIGHTEN procedure. Maintain your white smile by 'topping up' and using your trays about once every couple of months. The obvious also applies, maintain good oral health and avoid food and drinks with heavy colouring, coffee, red wine etc. Make sure you post your results!

Great Britain Dentist

A Beautiful Hollywood Smile

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Hi Dazee...You have nice teeth and a beautiful smile already. Sounds like you would like them whiter. White strips are inexpensive but are not going to give you what you want. I would suggest you see your dentist and tell him about your sensitivity and do chair side whitening and follow up with take home trays. Whiter Image is a good whitening system as well a Kor Deep Bleaching which will bring them up very white. You certainly do not need Orthodontics or Veneers. Keep your natural teeth...they are beautiful....just get them a little whiter and I think you will be very happy with your own teeth and you will have your own Hollywood Smile!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

What is the best way to get a beautiful Hollywood white smile.

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It appears that you have a great smile already, with beautiful teeth. And you just want them much whiter and brighter, right?

First of all, forget the white strips, they are so dilute in concentration with so much leakage throughout the mouth, that although they will whiten your teeth somewhat, they are not the most efficient and effective way to whiten natural teeth. Strongly suggest tray bleaching, with a tray made by a dentist to accurately fit your teeth. Then tell your dentist about your sensitivity issues, and he can recommend some desensitizers to use before and after your bleaching sessions at home. For really sensitive patients we often use those desensitizers, and then a less concentrated professional whiten gel, for 30-60 minutes at a time. If really sensitive, don't do next bleaching session until all sensitivity has gone away. Also, can take ibuprofen orally to add a little more help.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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The brightness of a patient's teeth shade is influenced by the skin tone

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It appears that your teeth are already quite a white shade. I bet if you had the shade checked, it is probably around an A1 which is whiter than most of the population. It appears you also have a fairly light skin complexion. The lighter the skin complexion, the lighter the teeth have to be to really appear bright and pop out as "Hollywood white." My recommendation is to maintain whitening using whitening strips or in-office whitening. I suspect in the summer when you have a natural tan, you will really notice how white your teeth have become.

The sensitivity is a normal temporary side effect and will not damage the teeth. Try to space out your whitening every few days to reduce sensitivity from occurring. Furthermore, desensitizing paste containing potassium nitrate can help to relieve this sensitivity.

Charles Sutera, DMD
Boston Dentist

Beautiful Hollywood white Smile

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Thank you for the question and the picture. We love to promote the concept of minimal invasive dentistry and responsible esthetics. From you picture, you may be a candidate for Prepless Veneers with no tooth reduction. Another option would be Orthodontics (Traditional, Invisalign, or Six Month Smiles) and some in office Power Bleaching. The sensitivity can be managed by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Good luck of achieving the smile of your dreams.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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