I would like to look about 5 years younger. What's the best and most cost effective procedure to accomplish this? (photo)

Face lift? Permanent fillers? Botox? Eyes, laugh lines, lips? Cheeks? I really want a permanent result.

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Cost Effective facial rejuvenation

Cost Effective facial rejuvenation
There are some patients that can obtain significant rejuvenating effect with fillers, botox and some type of skin resurfacing. Typically these are patients with thinning and deflated faces. In your particular case fillers, etc. would do very little. Seek out a talented and experienced plastic surgeon for an in person consultation. From your limited photos, it appears that you could possible benefit from eyelid surgery some some limited liposuction of your neck.

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I would like to look about 5 years younger. What's the best and most cost effective procedure to accomplish this?

Would love to see additional photos.  Side views as well as a front view without the pretty smile would be helpful.  Most patients accomplish this with a combination of surgical and nonsurgical options.  Schedule an in person consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options and expectation.

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I would like to look about 5 years younger. What's the best and most cost effective procedure to accomplish this?

You can achieve looking 5 years younger in a couple of ways.  One is fillers and/or Botox, but these are temporary.  A mini-incision type facelift would be the most cost effective and most permanent.  This procedure is quick and the recovery time is very fast.

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5 years younger

Hi Daisy.  I think I would need to see additional photos, and of course the definitive answer always rests with an in person consultation.  Generally speaking, blepharoplasty is an effective intervention, as the eyes are on of the first areas to show aging.  Hope this is helpful.  Best wishes.  Dr. Shah

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Options for facial rejuvenation.

The picture is inadequate.  Would need from and lateral with no expression.  Fillers are definitely a good place to start as is Botox.  A facelift only can fix some aging problems but I can't tell if those exist on your face.

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Long-term facial aging options, and why permanent facial fillers may have adverse effects

A few years ago, I wrote a book entitled “The Fine Art of Looking Younger” where I explained that there are many factors that make a person look younger. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single perfect procedure. Facial aging has two elements: volume loss which is loss of bone, muscle and fat; and descent or sagging of the skin. Descent and sagging can include the stretching of skin or the elastic stretch of skin such as in the upper eyelids called dermatochalasis. When you smile, you move everything up. The area in your cheeks called the submalar space which may have hollowed looks fuller when you smile and we often refer to it as the apple of the cheeks. Also, when you smile and move your chin up, your jawline looks tighter so it’s like getting a natural facelift

A strategy for you would first incorporate the key elements of the areas that bother you the most. As cosmetic surgeon who can do the non-invasive, injectables, surgeries and is very experienced in facial rejuvenation surgeries, my approach has to always been to come up with a generalized plan with an idea of always getting the priorities of my patients. Everyone has a different area that bothers them. In our practice, we do all procedures from head-to-toe including hair restoration, Hair Regeneration for thinning hair and everything including eyelids, facelifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, etc. Looking at your eyes, I notice that there’s some extra skin over your eyes. An upper eyelid blepharoplasty might be a good starting point for you to consider to rejuvenate the upper eyelid area.

A permanent procedure has to do with a body that is not permanent. We are all aging and there is a continuous series of changes. So I think you meant a long-term procedure rather than a permanent procedure and for most surgical rejuvenation procedures of the face, it could last anywhere for 5 to 10 years. When we do a procedure, we are not stopping the clock but moving back the clock. However, time marches on and the genetic and aging changes continue. In addition, other things in life can also prematurely age someone whether it’s personal habits such as smoking, medical illness, family or stress in your life.

I would also caution you about avoiding permanent fillers. For years, people have tried all kinds of fillers that are supposed to last forever and silicone is an example that has been injected into patients since the 70s. Unfortunately, a lot of these people have had problems with the location of the silicone. It’s almost every month we see someone who comes to us from another region of the world who had some type of permanent injectable placed in their face and the injectable has moved, shifted, displaced or worse, those injectables has become inflamed and infected.

In our practice, we often come up with a general plan. Our patients are very comfortable because most of our procedures are done under local anesthesia with LITE™ sedation. LITE™ anesthesia is when the patient is given just enough sedation in contrast to general anesthesia where there is tube in the patient’s throat and they are paralyzed. We use LITE™ anesthesia as a part of whole quick recovery concept.

I think that you should meet with a cosmetic surgeon and get some objective photos to evaluate what your face looks like, and come up with an overall plan with your priorities. Once you invest on things that are your priorities, you are highly likely to be satisfied with the outcome of these results. I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for your question.

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Facelift Options

Dear Dazee, thank you for your question. Facelift surgery can improve the cheeks, jowls, and neck. In our San Diego practice, we offer several options based on our clients’ needs. Consult with an experienced, board certified facial plastic surgeon. Good Luck!

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Many options to look younger...

Most of the other surgeons have answered this question quite well. I will say that it is hard to give you the answer just looking at your photo. In general the easy office treatments such as Botox and fillers are not going to give you permanent results. In fact surgery is not really permanent since the aging process continues on. Looking at your photos you would probably benefit from Botox around the eyes. You do not state what area bothers you the most but when it comes to maximal benefit in your case I would suggest an upper lid blepharoplasty and some type of facelift (I would need to feel your neck and cheeks to narrow down which one I would advise). You don’t look like you have lost much facial fat volume, though most patients will see some benefit around the mouth with fat grafting. I would not advise you try any of the neck tightening devices out there. I have yet to see a single patient who felt they got their money’s worth from them. Good luck, I hope this helps.

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How to look five years younger

You have an attractive and happy face. In order to provide better guidance more photos would be needed. A profile image would help to determine whether or not chin liposuction or neck surgery of any kind would be beneficial. 
Grom the perspective I see in the photos you do not have a problem with hollow areas in the face, so filler of any kind may not be what is best for you.

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You look great. Do not have a facelift.

You are very pretty and have a very young looking face.  You do not need a facelift and do not have one.  Fillers can volume eyes or increase the fullness of your cheeks.  Sculptra is a bio stimulant that can add new collagen to your mid face.  Please consult a very experienced board certified plastic surgeon with a superb local reputation for filler injection.

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