70% Glycolic Acid Peel Caused Scabbing - Looks Like my Face Was Scraped Across Pavement - is This a Chemical Burn?

I had done a 70% peel in the past that was left on for 2 and a half minutes. He was very gentle in the way he applied the acid - ie he was not using much pressure. I had 0 downtime - redness for a few hours and that is all) He also instructed me to use my topical retinoid up until the day of treatment in order to maximize results. I did this both times, however he said he wanted to be a bit more aggressive this time and really applied a lot more pressure and left it on for 2 minutes

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Scabbing can lead to infection, and other problems

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The most important instruction after any resurfacing procedure is to keep the skin moist. Scabbing delays healing and increases the risk of delayed healing, infection, persistent redness and scar. 70% glycolic acid is a controlled chemical burn to the skin to result in removal of sun damaged skin and to stimulate collagen production. If it is not completely neutralized, it can be surprisingly aggressive and not innocuous. See your doctor immediately

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Aggressive Peel Expectations

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The more aggressive the peel, the worse the skin looks initially.  What you are describing sounds appropriate but if you have ANY concern that something is wrong make an appointment to see your physician immediately.  Any reputable doctor would rather have you come in and find out it is nothing than have you come back with a complication that could have been prevented or treated.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
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