7 Weeks Post-op Septhorinoplasty, Sneezed Several Times Through Nose?

Hi I had 7 weeks ago a septorhinoplasty, everything is fine, my nose begins to look more nice and defined day after day, but I am all the time concerned about a problem.. I had sneezed 3-4 times through the nose at the second day after the operation, there was a cast on, but I had not any pain or bleeding, should I have affected the results or shifted some cartilage etc.? Will sneezing through nose shift cartilages? Thank you

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Sneezing after Septoplasty / Rhinoplasty Procedure

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Do not worry about having sneezed through the nose after your procedure.  The main concern with sneezing immediately following a rhinoplasty is more secondary to it causing some bleeding after the procedure.  Sneezing through the nose should not affect your results particularly if you are continuing to notic improvements.  It is common to experience the need to sneeze after a rhinoplasty.

Sneezing after rhinoplasty

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If your nose looks fine, then it doesn't really matter that you sneezed on post-op day 2 (7 weeks ago!).  Your surgeon is the best person to assess this, but you must have seen them after day 2.  If there was an issue, your surgeon should have told you.


Stop worrying and enjoy your new nose!



Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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