7 Weeks Post Op for Removal/replacement Pip Implants and Think I May Have Capsular Contracture?

At 5 weeks post op i had cellulitis, my left breast is higher and much harder than the right that feels completly normal. I cannot lift my left arm higher than shoulder hight without discomfort, it feels as tho my breast is being squeezed and when i lie down the left breast becomes rock hard stays firm in place and is quite painful. Please help me as im worrying and my surgeon has told me its way too early for it to be cc but the nurse at the same practice is saying she cant think its anything else

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Pain and hardness of breasts after implant replacement surgery

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From your description it is most likely that you have either a fluid or blood collection around the implant.  This needs to be monitored carefully, especially since you experienced cellulitis.  You should see your doctor immediately.

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Could be Hematoma

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It is most likely not a capsular contracture at this point but a hematoma (collection of blood) that is causing this issue.  When you have excessive blood that remains in the breast pocket it is a good setup for infection.  While your cellulitis resolved, unpleasant things may be happening inside.  I would check your white blood count and maybe get a sonogram to determine if there is an excessive amount of fluid surrounding the left breast implant.  If you do have a hematoma you may need to have it surgically drained and the pocket cleaned.  Good luck.

Eric Sadeh, MD
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7 weeks after breast surgery

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Cellulitis and pain after a breast augmentation is not a good sign.  If the cellulitis resolved you may still have an infection internally. It is best to be seen by your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Capsular contracture is not an early complication, but infection is.

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Dear Tasha,
I am sorry to hear about your problems.  7 weeks is too early for capsular contracture but you are obviously having problems on your left side.  You need to work closely with your surgeon as cellulitis is a significant complication when implants are involved. Any infection needs to be treated aggressively because if the implant gets infected, it will need to be removed and replaced later once things have settled.   It is infection that I would be worried about, not capsular contracture.  I wish you all the best. Good luck.

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