7-Jule LightSheer for Laser Hair Reduction?

I had a laser hair reduction treatment. I had my lower leg treated with LightSheer Duet and the nurse used only 7 Jules. I felt this clinic is unprofessional since the nurse started with 7 Jules and did "not" adjust the energy level. I am Asian and have pale skin and black hair. Would this treatment of a low energy level (7 Jules) be effective?

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Hello.  We do not like the Lightsheer Duet "painless" option exactly for the reasons you are noting.  The maximum fluence (energy) in this mode is 12 joules per centimeter squared (12 J/cm2).  For most Asians, we are in the 20 - 30 j/cm2 range with the traditional Lightsheer.

Because of this discrepancy in fluence, we would not be confident that you got an effective treatment.    Ultimately, the practitioner has to look at the skin and find that fluence where good follicular edema (redness and ant bite bumps) is achieved.  At that point, an effective treatment is achievable.  If you did not have any discomfort, redness or bumpiness to the skin after treatment, then we would be concerned that you received a poor treatment.

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