Fat Mass - Not Yet Been Diagnosed as Lipoma or Liposarcoma - Options?

After years of back pain, a neurosurgeon told me I needed bone fusion of my L4/L5. The MRI he ordered showed a fat mass and a further CT scan showed the mass originating from my kidney downward into my lower pelvis. It isn't known yet if this is a lipoma or a liposarcoma. I understand 6"x5" is rather large for a lipoma. What would be the standard procedure for dealing with this mass? Could this be the cause of my back pain? If it's removed maybe I wouldn't need the bone fusion surgery.

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Lipoma Vs Liposarcoma

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The first thing is a biobsy to determine the exact diagnosis.

You may want to be in a major university center for the work up. ASAP

The mass may be contributing to your back pain.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Lipoma or Liposarcoma?

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Unfortunately, there  will be no way of knowing the exact pathologic diagnosis without excision of the lesion and examination under the microscope. Of course, you are talking about major surgery.  It will be worth doing your due diligence and  have the procedure performed by a well experienced surgeon. 

Best wishes.

Mri back mass

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the mri should be suggestive of one or the other.  i would have it reviewed by a musculosketal mri specialist.


based on that i would have them removed and of course biopsied.


if truly a liposarcoma which is really rare then further treatment would be indicaed. otherwise if just a lipoma it should be taken care of.


a needle biopsy might also help to give u a diagnosis prior to having a definitive procedure too.


either ct guided or ultrasound guided based on whomever does the procedure.


i would take care of this asap and would do this prior to having any back surgery.

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