Why do my breasts look so funny and small 6 weeks after augmentation? (photo)

6wks since my ba, got 400cc hp under muscle my breast look funny and small will breast still change or stay the way they look??

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Unhappy with implants after surgery

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A pre op photo is needed to compare your present result with your state before surgery.
One implant is higher and has not yet settled.
400 cc implants are not small on most women.
Your implants will look more natural as they settle in position.
Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. 

Why do my breasts look so funny and small 6 weeks after augmentation?

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Without pre-op photos to compare, it's difficult to say but generally, if you were small to start off with, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for your implants to settle and your skin to stretch to accommodate your implants. Try to be patient and continue following your surgeon's post-op instructions such as massaging.  Make sure you make it to all of your follow up appointments so you can see your surgeon and your progress can be tracked.  Re-evaluate at that time with your surgeon and should any revisions need to be made, you can discuss your options at that time.  Good luck! ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetry after breast augmentation

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Your photos make proper discussion about implant position and results difficult to comment upon.   You should discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon at your next post op appointment.    You can review your pre op photos, and review your pre op discussions regarding size and desired outcome.  Best of luck to you.

Terrence Higgins, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Implant malposition?

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Please consider reposting your question with a before photo and an after that is taken level with your breasts and your arms at your sides.  It is difficult to comment without those photos.  Aside from that, address your concerns with your plastic surgeon as he/she knows what your breast were like before the implants. Best of luck. 

Why do my breasts look so funny and small 6 weeks after augmentation?

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Hard to respond without a before photo posted. I wonder if you had asymmetry prior to the operation??? 

Breast augmentation

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I cannot tell for sure but how were your implants placed.  I don't sedan incision in the fold or around the nipple.  Arm pit incisions are associated with more implant malposition.

Concerns regarding breasts 6 weeks postop

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Its difficult to make any comment without knowing what you looked like (your physical exam) before your surgeon.  When I evaluate every one of my breast augmentation patients during their consultation, I try to assess and identify and baseline asymmetries that may be present.  Is it possible that before your surgery, your left infra-mammary fold was lower than your right?   Given the need for an assessment of your before anatomy, I think your concerns are best directed to your plastic surgeon who is most familiar with your anatomy and procedure.  Best wishes.

Yes, they will likely change

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I find that when good sized implants are placed into someone with tight skin and tissues, it can take 3 to 4 months to really get closer to the long term results.  Initially, because everything is so tight, there tends to be a lot of upper breast fill.  Over time, the body produces skin to go along with the implants, a process known as "tissue expansion".  As the skin is produced, the breast become softer, more mobile, and there is a re-distribution of the volume from the upper breast to the lower portion, making the bottom of the breast rounder and the overall shape more appealing.  This is often referred to the "drop and fluff".  
Hope this helps.

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