6 Months Post Aug and Lift and I Still Look Saggy, Why?

27 years Australian Slim mother to 3 350 cc implants Confused they don't sit right Placed behind muscle Slight Double bubble appearance

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Double bubble after breast augmentation

there just isnt enough info to help you.  photos and a better description of the surgery and preop condition would be useful

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Sagging after augment pexy

Please send in a photo for evaluation and describe what about the position of the implants you find objectionable. Thanks.

Breasts still Saggy after Breast lift

Thank you for the question.

I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction after breast surgery.

Unfortunately, without pictures or direct examination it is very difficult to give you any meaningful advice.

I would be happy to view your pictures via e-mail (frontal and side views).

Best wishes.

Breasts still Saggy after Breast lift

Thank you for your question.  Photos would be very helpful.  However, it sounds like you may need to have a little more skin taken out if breasts still look saggy.  Doing breast implants and a lift at the same time is very difficult and sometimes you need to do a revision.  The operation is difficult because when you put implants in you stretch the skin.  When you do a lift you remove skin.  So you are doing two operations that have different effects on the skin.  It makes it make very hard to judge how much skin to take out.  If you take out too much skin, the scars can widen or separate.  You you take out too little skin, you can have some residual sagging.  Talk to your doctor and see what he recommends.

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6 Months Post Aug and Lift and I Still Look Saggy, Why?

Dear Ella, If you have a double bubble, you will need a revision to repair this.  If you still have excess skin, you may need a revision of your lift.  Without photos, it is impossible to give you any further advice.  If you trust your surgeon, I would recommend going in for an exam and discussion so you can find out your options.  Good luck!

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Double bubble

If your breasts are sagginf or if you have a double bubble, you should discuss this with yoru surgeon. It is hard to say what can be offered to you without an exam.

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6 Months Post Aug and Lift and I Still Look Saggy, Why?

Very hard to advise without posted photos. Sounds like you may need a revision but that is only my guess. Seek second opinions in [person. 

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