6 mo Round of Accutane is Not Working on my 17yr Old Son?

A 6mo. round of Accutane (the past 2 months at 120mg per day) is not working at all on my 17yr old son. He is still regularly producing cystic acne as well as black heads all over his face. Is there anything else to do for him?? My dermatologist says "no" and right now she put him on a 2 month break. he doesn't want to leave the house.

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Accutane isn't working

I really have to say I'm very surprised. I've prescribed Accutane for nearly 30 years and I can't comment on one non-responder. And wow - 120mg a day and nothing?? Accutane is the strongest acne medication. Have you been getting his medication from a legitimate pharmacy? The reason I ask is because sometimes people buy meds online, and they aren't always real. At 120mg daily your son's face should be red, sore, his lips should be peeling excessively, his skin dry, and he should be having constant bloody noses. If this isn't happening, I'm wondering if he's on true isotretinoin.

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