Would a 6ft Tall 46 Yr Old Female Weighing in at 240lbs Be a Candidate for AquaLipo?

More specifically, underarm flab and abdomen pooch being the only targeted areas, because I believe my other areas of interest would naturally conform and redistribute through continued diet and exercise once fat is removed from said target areas

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Normal BMI that's stable

Results and safety are a surgeon's primary concerns, and both are compromised when a patient has a higher BMI that would classify them as "obese".  It's best to be a normal BMI that's stable before considering liposuction.

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Weight should be stable before Liposuction

Liposuction is the permanent suction removal of subcutaneous fat.  It can be performed on any area of the body, but the results vary based on the existing elasticity of the skin.  An individual's weight should be stable before the procedure and can be performed on thin or "thick" patients.  The degree of improvement would need to be discussed with your surgeon to judge if the results would meet your expectations.

There are many different names/varieties of liposuction (smart lipo, tumescent lipo, power assissted lipo, ultrasonic lipo, aqualipo, etc.)  They all do the same thing, remove umwanted fat, the results of the procedure depend more on the skill of the surgeon than the "type" of liposuction performed.

So, the answer is yes, you can have the procedure performed.  Make sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon who performs liposuction frequently.

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Aqualipo before weight loss

It really does not matter what type of lipo you consider as the technique is secondary to the skill and judgement of the surgeon using it. We most often suggest lipo of any type after weight loss as then we can best judge the skin elasticity, and the contouring necessary for a smooth result at your goal weight.

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Would a 6ft Tall 46 Yr Old Female Weighing in at 240lbs Be a Candidate for AquaLipo?

The type of liposuction is not much of an issue but rather your skin tone, fat distribution and body proportions. Flab is not likely to look good after liposuction as it may result in loose skin. See a few Board Certified plastic surgeons for an opinion. 

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