6 days post breast augmentation and my left breast is larger than my right? Is that normal? (photo)

Breast bigger than other post BA

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6 days post breast augmentation & left breast is larger than right, normal?

At 6 days post breast augmentation, it's too soon to worry about small asymmetries as you are most likely still swollen.  Unfortunately, both sides don't usually cooperate by going down at the same rate so it's not uncommon for one side to lag behind a bit.  You didn't post any pre-op photos to compare just to see if you were asymmetric before your surgery.  Most women are not perfectly symmetrical and if one side is only slightly larger, your surgeon would've mentioned it to you and let you know that the same sized implant may be used in both breasts.  When that is done, the asymmetry may become more apparent when your breasts are larger.  Does that sound familiar?  Try to be patient and continue your follow ups with your surgeon but be sure to mention your concern to put your mind at ease.  ac  

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6 days post breast augmentation and my left breast is larger than my right? Is that normal?

You appear to ave a mild asymmetry to volume. Where your breast uneven before surgery? Did you and the operating surgeon discuss this asymmetry? What was determined?

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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I agree with what Dr. Stoeckel said.  It is very early to judge your result which by the way looks great so be patient.

Dr. Corbin 

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Size asymmetry after breast augmentation

If you are only 1 week after surgery, the swelling associated with the surgery can often account for small asymmetries. If you were symmetric before surgery and you have the same size implants on both sides, then they will normalize as the swelling subsides. It sometimes takes 3 months for the implants to completely soften and settle. I wouldn't be too concerned at this point. 

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
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Breast augmentation

you still have some swelling. In your next follow up explain to your surgeon how you are feeling. Best luck to you.

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