Insurance requiring 930 g/side, curious to know what size I "could" end up as. (Photo)

I'm a 32L (UK sizing, tight band measuring method in US would be roughly 32Q, +4 method many US stores use I'd be a 36I/J I think but I'm not 100% sure). Measuring 32" underbust and 48" bust (leaning 51"), I've done a water displacement test and have roughly 2200 cc volume on each breast. Off-white bra is a 34K (UK sizing) but loose band after some weight loss and sports bra is a 2xl from Target, obviously not fitting me. I'd like to wind up a D/DD I believe was interested to hear possibilities

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Insurance requiring 930 g/side, curious to know what size I "could" end up as.

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That is a very high number, but your photos indicate a very large and heavy breast. I know of no good surgeon who will do surgery to meet an insurance company's artificial requirements. We do the surgery to create an improvement in size and symptoms safely, whatever that weight is. Predicting exact cup size is similar to looking into the crystal ball, it doesn't work. 

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Breast Reduction

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I never guarantee a post op cup size.  All bras obviously fit a lot differently.  Enough tissue has to be left to supply blood to nipple and skin flaps. However, looking at your photos I do think you could be taken down to a DD possible D cup range.  I doubt you could be safely made much smaller.  Do know that your back will feel better almost immediately and you will be able to buy normal sized bras. Good luck, Jane.

Insurance requiring 930 g/side, curious to know what size I "could" end up as.

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Determining bra size is less science and more art than many things that we do.  It is tricky but perhaps no trickier than asking the grocer to cut a pound of cheese off a wheel. 

First you need to determine what 930 grams of breast tissue looks like.  It needs to be the same density or grams/volume.  Fortunately your plastic surgeon will have a drawer full of sizers for breast augmentation that are labeled as to the size. Stack up implants that add to 930, say a 500+ 450= 950 and place in your right hand, compare that to your breast in the left hand.  It is pretty easy to decide which is bigger. 

Now you are your own balance beam. Add or subtract weight until they balance. You will get a good idea of the amount that can be removed. If you would like a quick visual idea of what that might look like on you, put it in a D cup bra, but put it on backwards. Now you can compare your current size and the size you might be with 930 grams removed.  If in doubt, go with the size you would like to be rather than the size insurance says they will cover.

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Size Prediction After Breast Reduction

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Unfortunately no one can tell you what size you will end up if 930 g per side are removed. Given your large bust, I would expect you to still be a D cup after a large reduction.

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