I'm 66 yrs old female, 120kg and want the Lap Band done. If I can lose 50kg, will the excess skin shrink back at my age?

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Post gastric banding does the skin shrink?

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I have had many of my patients ask that question?  My answer has always been that there are 3 major component to skin shrinkage.  First is your genetic predisposition which will dictate the amount of recoil your body is capable of.  Second predictor is the amount of weigh you are planning to lose, the third is your Age.  The older you are the less likely that your genetic composition will guide your skin shrinkage.

To clarify my statement the best test for skin shrinkage is your pregnancy history!  There is no better physiological test than previous effect of pregnancy on your body.  If your body did well with that, then chances are you will do as well.  The catch is the farther away you are from your pregnancy age the less accurate is that statement, because, there is an age-related downregulation of genes that play a role in the elasticity of the skin and soft tissue.

Therefore, it is unlikely that you will have the best skin recoil.  Our program is designed to address these issues as part of the weight loss journey.  Do not let age be a determining factor as whether surgery is the right choice.  Most study have shown that older patients do as well as younger patients as long as their associated medical conditions are controlled.  Some of my older patients do even better than my younger patients because they have much better tolerance for pain and are more motivated.

Excess skin after loosing weight.

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The skin won't be back to its previous size. I just recommand you to do exercise to minimize the issue but there's nothing you can do like you used to. Tummy tuck or lift would be a solution.

Sehoon Kang, MD
South Korea Bariatric Surgeon

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