Pain 6.5 Months Post-op Breast Lift / Augmentation - Normal?

I Am 6.5 Months Post Op from a Breast Lift and Augmentation, I Still Feel Pain Periodically, is This Normal? In addition to this by the end of the day my implants tend to feel hard is this too normal?

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Pain and tightness in lifted and implanted breasts (augmentation mastopexy)(

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Occasional pain is to be expected as the implants settle over the first year and may be precipitated by certain activities. Discuss this with your surgeon but it sounds fairly normal

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Pain after Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy?

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Based on your description only, what you are experiencing is likely to be normal;  occasional discomfort/firmness of the  breasts can occur for many months after breast augmentation surgery. Pay attention to the timing of the discomfort and see if it is activity related. If firmness of the breasts  remains a concern,  follow-up with your plastic surgeon for accurate diagnosis/treatment.

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Pain after Breast Augmentation

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There is a small possibility that you may be undergoing encapsulation, this harder feeling is something to keep an eye on. Be sure you perform your massage exercises daily. Consider some external ultrasound treatments to assist in the discomfort.

Charles Virden, MD
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Pain after surgery

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Usually by 6 months most unusual pain symptoms go away.  I would check with your doctor to make sure. Hopefully this will resolve on its own.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast pain following augmentation mastopexy

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I advise most of my patients that they may have intermittent pain for many months following this procedure, but it should not be chronic.  If you were suffering these symptoms at a year, then they are less likely to resolve.  If the pain has only reduced in severity since surgery, then, hopefully, it will eventually resolve altogether.  If the pain has gotten worse and is accompanied by hardening of the implants, it could be a sign of capsular contracture.  Keep close follow up with your doctor and voice your concerns.  Good luck!!

Jason Hess, MD
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Should I still be feeling pain 6.5 months post op?

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Yes, since it is within the one year time frame it is still normal to feel some discomfort periodically.  When you undergo surgery your body goes in an instant shock and takes time to heal.  Perhaps you should also stop and think-have you been working out too intensly lately?  Picking up too much weight?  You should continue to not put too much pressure on your body by lifting very heavy weights.  I recommend you go in for a follow up appointment with your plastic surgeon and consult with him/her about your concerns.

Sam Speron, MD
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