I Am a 63 Yr Woman Who Has Been Advised to Have Invisalign- Is This Right Considering I Have Sensitive Teeth and Many Crowns?

I have a lot of crowns, there is some crowding and my teeth are yellow and very sensitive. Is this the right thing to do, my dentist did say that it would help my teeth to last longer and prevent further crowns

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Pictures would be great. But, it sounds like you think you are too old for straight teeth. I think the majority of my Invisalign patients are baby boomers!

Dr. Sue Wendling

Portland Dentist

Given Your Numerous Crowns Invisalign Might be a Great Choice

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It is really tough to tell based on a written description whether Invisalign would be appropriate for you, but if you can avoid bonding things to the crowns with Invisalign it would be a great choice. You'd also be able to whiten your teeth with the aligners. 

I don't really think the Invisalign treatment would help your teeth last longer, unless you are having particular difficulty cleaning your teeth and think that things might be easier if to manage if they were straight.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

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