63 and Look Great but Severe Lip and Chin Wrinkles. Non-surgical options other than injections?

i am 63 and look great except the severe wrinkling around my mouth and chin make me very self conscious. is there a safe non invasive way to treat this problem. i can't stand looking in the mirror when the sun is on my face. help

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Non-Surgical Options for Lip and Chin Wrinkles

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You are right - you look great for your age. So if you didn't do anything, you would be none the less for it.  However, since you are bothered by the wrinkling around your mouth and chin, it is reasonable for you to want to explore options to improve those areas. The first and most important thing I can recommend is strict sun protection.  In terms of non-surgical treatment options other than filler injections, I would recommend chemical peeling, laser resurfacing or electrodessication as possible treatment options either individually or in combination depending on the clinical evaluation. Click on the link provided to see before and after photos of a woman who initially had silicone to the creases to lift them out, and then later resurfacing with a laser (Erbium) and with electrodessication to bring down the residual ridges and smooth out the skin. 

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