No Splint After Tip Revision? (photo)

Hi Dr. Tholen! And thanks so very much for answering my question that I had posted. I don't recall my surgeon putting an outside splint on me after my tip revision in August of 2012. I was taped up pretty good, but that is all. And he (and his interns) took my stitches out and my external splint after my first initial surgery. What can be done about this scarring underneath? It's very bothersome to me and it looks horrible now:( I'm just so disappointed:( Thanks Much- Deb E.

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Nasal Splint After Rhinoplasty

Great question! I I put a splint on the vast majority of patients for 6 days following rhinoplasty for a few reasons. First, the splint helps to reduce swelling of the nose, as it holds some pressure on the nose for the first few days. Secondly, it helps to protect and stabilize the nasal bones, which can be somewhat delicate immediately after surgery. Lastly, the splint also helps the patient feel more secure and less nervous about bumping her nose following surgery. However, in certain revision cases where only tip work is done, just taping the nose may certainly be adequate.

As for the scar underneath the nose, you should address this issue with your surgeon to see if there are any simple measures which can help minimize its appearance. This open rhinoplasty incision generally heals quite beautifully but in very rare cases, additional scar revision procedures such as steroid injections or laser treatments can be helpful. The scar can also be excised (cut out) and stitched again under local anesthesia in the office, though this has never been necessary for any of my patients. 

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