62 Years Old, Need Lipo 4 Chin, Don't Want Surgery, Shrink Wrap Laser Lipo?

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Neck rejuvenation

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I would suggest making an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon, ideally a member of ASAPS to help determine the appropriate surgery for you

Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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It is unlikely that liposuction of any kind will improve the neck of someone 64.

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If 64 redundancy of skin, descent of that platysma muscle, and possibly some fat can contribute to obliquity in the neck. Liposuction would address only one of the three problems.

Modest Neck Tightening With Liposuction

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While you have shown no pictures, your question indicates an approach that is questionable to be successful. With neck concerns at 62 year of age, it is unlikely any form of liposuction will be successful at reducing any significant neck skin excess...even including laser-assisted liposuction. This is a fat removal procedure not primarily a skin tightening method. Hpwever there is no harm in doing so and either the procedure is successful or it isn't. Most likely, you may achieve some very modest neck improvement 

Laser lipo may tighten skin more

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Although the scientific data is limited, laser lipo may tighten skin a little more than non laser lipo.  All lipo tightens the skin to some degree, and the amount of tightening can be impressive.  There are several pictures in my profile of chin lipo done without a laser that show significant tightening of the skin.

Lawrence Osman, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

Liposuction for Chin in 62 year old

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       Without pictures, I would have to say there is a great probability at your age that liposuction alone will not produce the result you seekThe skin tightening, no matter what variant of lipo is performed, is not enough in a person of your age.  However, this question cannot be answered adequately without assessing your expectations and your anatomy.

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