Is it Normal to be Covered in Brown Spots on the Face After TCA Peel?

I am a 63 year old fair skin redhead with no freckles and no prior brown spots. I had a medium TCA peel two days ago and my face is now covered with brown spots. Is this a normal reaction and how long will it take for them to go away. I am very concerned about possible damage.

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TCA peels and brown spots

It is not unusual for the skin to turn brown a few days after a TCA peel.  Even areas that were very lightly pigmented can get quite dark. Between 3 and 7 days after the TCA is applied the peeling begins, and the brown spots normally peel off. Be careful about sun exposure during this time. If you are concerned that something is wrong, call the office that did he peel for follow-up.

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TCA Peel

Depending on the strength of the TCA, your skin will turn brown , and then you will start peeling around day 4,  to day 7.

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