6'1", Moderate Plus 500cc. Should I Get High Profile Instead?

I'm 6'1 and Have Chosen Moderate Plus 500cc.Should I Go High Prohile, Scared Too Narrow??

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If you don't good enough communication with your doctor to trust his answer to this question then why in the world would you trust him to do this surgery.

Moderate or High Profile: Dimensions and Shape

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The first consideration is to determine the optimal implant dimension for your chest: your surgeon can measure the width of the base of the breast (the diameter of your natural breast).  This (with other parameters) helps your surgeon choose the implant width that would be optimal for you.

The resulting shape of the breast contour is also a factor in choosing a high profile, which is fuller and rounder than a medium profile implant.

High profile silicone versus saline breast implants for augmentation surgery

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There is a significant difference in the profile and dimensions of high profile saline versus silicone implants and It is my impression the 500 cc high profile silicone implants do not look as "fake" as the saline implants

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Profile decision

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The decision on what profile to go with is very specific to your body. Talk with your plastic surgeon about the anticipated look and ask to see pictures. It is a very important decision and you are correct to do your research. Explain your goals to your surgeon and talk with him about the expected outcome.

High profile breast implants

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I am a fan of higher profile implants in general, but sometimes they can be too much.  It is important to take into account the width of your breasts, your body type, and how much breast tissue you have to begin with.  Best to spend some time discussing the look you want with your surgeon.  High profile is very different from moderate plus.  Both are great, but need to fit the implant with your body and your desires.

6'1", Moderate Plus 500cc. Should I Get High Profile Instead

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Need a posted photo! My guess is HP are OK. Very hard to advise Sorry. Best of luck from MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

Choosing the implant

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It is very difficult to determine an implant for a patient without an exam.  I usually use HP or moderate plus implants in the majority of patients.

Moderate Plus vs High Profile

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The only reason to choose any particular implant profile is to match the desired implant volume to your breast base width.  If you have a broader chest, then you might need a moderate or moderate plus profile. If your chest is narrower, then you might need the high profile implant. Your surgeon should be able to guide you with this choice, but don't just arbitrarily decide to change profiles.

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