On 600 Calories or Less a Day Why is my Weight Staying the Same?

I had orthognathic surgery 3 weeks ago and have not been able to get down more than about 600 calories per day for the last 4 or 5 days.(1ensure, some soup daily). My question is how is it that I am not losing more weight with such a low calorie intake? I lost about 13 lbs in the first 2 weeks but now, when I am eating so little my weight has stayed the same, to the ounce! How is that possible on so few calories? I am trying to eat more but my mouth is full of sores. Can't stand the syringe!

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No weight orthognathic surgery

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Everybody's metabolism is different.  If you basal metabolic rate is normally low this may account for your consistnet weight.  Orthognathic surgery is not a weight reduction surgery and should not be viewed as such. It is tru that initially many indiduals lose some weight becasue of decreased caloric intake and increased initial metabolic rate becasue the body needs more calories to heal, but this will level off after a couple weeks.  If your normal bassal metabolic rate is slow, this may account for the slowed weight loss.  Also after have low caloric intake for a period of time, you body goes into "starvation mode" which will then casue storage of fat to make sure it can use those calories over time.  This is especially true if you eat a lot of refined carbohydtares or sugars.  Your body will release insuling and those sugars will immediately be stored as fat.  If you eat more protein in your diet and decrease the amout of saturated fats and sugars, you may see more weight loss

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