Am on 60 Mg of Accutane and my Skin Got Worse with Acne?

I Was Never Getting but then Got Better at the end of the second month. but in all those areas where the new acne came in the first month it left red marks does that go away in the next 2 months of accutane?or maybe i shoud go on a higher dose?

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Skin worse on Accutane

In the initial few months of taking Accutane some people say their acne is worse. This is because the pores are changing. The redness you have is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You would have had it before, if you have it now, but it was probably being covered by new acne breakouts. Since your skin is actually clearing up, you're seeing it more prevalently, but it's always been there. Over time the PIH will resolve, but it will take some time. The Accutane will help, and no you don't need to be on a higher dosage. If the PIH is more stubborn, there are some topicals and/or light laser treatments that can be done after your Accutane regimen is finished. But you don't need to up your dosage.

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