6 Weeks Postop from Having a Mastopexy/Implant Replacement is It Normal for my Mastopexy Incisions to Split Back Open? (photo)

Since surgery I've had nothing but complications.I'm 6 wks post op and my incisions which were closed are not anymore.I seen my PS couple days ago and he told me it's possible for this to happen and said they will close on there own.I'm really freaked out because the way they look &the fact that my once healed aerolas now have holes around the edges which is being caused by internal sutures poking thru the skin.I don't know what to do anymore.The pics where taken the same day I seen my PS. IM SCARED

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This is certainly not typical, but you are best maintaining a good relationship with your ps

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Complications are stressful for you and your plastic surgeon.  This is certainly a stressful time for you and your plastic surgeon's office is your best resource for your questions as there is no substitute for knowing exactly what was done at the time of surgery and seeing your wounds first hand, as well as how they are progressing.

Incision Separation at 6 Weeks Following Breast Lift

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   The incision separation pictured should heal uneventfully.  Removing the sutures is a good idea to reduce the foreign body load.  In addition, may sure that you are not pursuing vigorous activity at this time.  Make sure your diet is well balanced and you are consuming enough protein.  Finally, make sure that smoke of any sort is not in your vicinity. 

Incisions opening after breast lift

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Sometimes complications occur, and we cannot always predict who is going to have problems.  Make sure that you frequently visit your plastic surgeon.  Watch for signs of infection, and go to the office immediately if you have any of those signs.  Make sure you are following your surgeons wound care instructions very closely.

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6 Weeks Postop from Having a Mastopexy/Implant Replacement is It Normal for my Mastopexy Incisions to Split Back Open?

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I might consider an reaction to the deeper suture materials. Though you did not have redness of the area. Still late separation of a healed incision very hard to determine a causality. 

Wound Healing After Breast Lift With Implants

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Many breast lift/reduction patients will develop suture reactions and some opening of certain areas of their incisions 4 to 8 weeks after their surgery. Some of these are suture extrusions and other are due to the tension on the wound closure. These are not rare and represent minor and expected wound healing issues. It is very disconcerting to patient, understandably, because they believe that wound healing after surgery is a linear process...meaning each day everything just keeps getting better. But the healing of incisions is not a linear process but will have some hills and valleys...meaning the incisions usually look great for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery and then turn red and begin to develop the very issues that you have. These will all go on to heal on their own and your plastic surgeon will need to remove a few of the spitting sutures. None of this will lead to any long-term adverse issues for your final result.

Incision exposure and implants

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Incision dehiscence can happen. It is a good idea to follow closely with your surgeon to make sure you do not lose the implants to infection.

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Incisional dehiscence after augment/pexy

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This is, unfortunately, a surgical complication and it is important to continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon. If you are "spitting stitches", then these should be clipped/removed by your doctor. I agree with Dr. Gottlieb that, given the presence of implants, the wounds should not remain open as this increases the potential for contamination of the implants. You will not be able to know for about six months whether you will require scar revision; it is possible for the areolae to go on to heal well so I would not rush to judgment on whether a secondary procedure will be required.

Incisions opening

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No it is not normal or common.  However, it is good that you are following closely with your plastic surgeon.  From the picture, it looks like only the superficial layer opened, so with some local wound care they should heal.  After they are healed, you many need a scar revision to improve the appearance.


Good Luck.

Is it normal for my incisions to open after augmentation/mastopexy?

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Thank you for your question and photos. If it would be normal, it would happen to most people. No, it is not normal. These are two operations that when done together, can have higher complication rates. An augmentation pushes the breasts out and down and a mastopexy lifts and tightens the breasts. These work against each other, and if the right balance is not achieved, this is the end result. Your surgeon made the lift too tight or placed larger implants than your tissues could cover. With the additional postoperative swelling, the suture line splits open. Hopefully, your surgeon can keep a close follow up on you and hope that your implants do not get exposed as your tissues continue to pull apart. If the implants get exposed, than they need to be removed to allow healing. New implants can be placed at a later date. If your surgeon tries to save the exposed implants and if you happen to heal, your chance for a capsular contracture is really high.This is a tricky operation with a high complication rate if the surgeon 's experience is lacking. I personally, do a lift first and the augmentation later to avoid this problem. Good luck, stay in close contact with your surgeon. 

Mastopexy Incisions Split Back Open

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It is apparent that you are having a problem with the sutures and with wound healing. The implants are quite close to the open areas, and hopefully your surgeon has considered getting cultures and treating these with antibiotics. Consideration should also be given to removal of all the "spitting" sutures that are exposed--these areas won't heal until they are removed or dissolved.  It is true that we often allow small openings to close on their own, but with the presence of implants my concern is also elevated. If the answers from your surgeon don't make sense to you, consider another opinion. 

Thank you for sharing these photos. Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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