6 Weeks Post of After Breast Lift and Replacement of Implants is This Normal?

>2 weeks after surgery I landed up having a drainage tube placed in my left breast due to a blood clot forcing through my incision and constantly bleeding. I'm almost 7 weeks postop and my incisions from the mastopexy which where almost healed are open and my so called disovable stiches are pushing through my areola and is causing my areola which was healed to develop open holes. My P.S told me it will have to heal on its own but I not longer trust him plzz help!!

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Breast Implant and Breast Lift Concerns

   Pictures would be helpful to provide some constructive feedback, but if you feel that you need to go elsewhere, then go elsewhere.

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Breast lift with implants

Sorry to hear about your problems after surgery.  Dissolving sutures can sometimes migrate to the skin and create small holes, these can be trimmed by your sugeon on your next follow-up, and they will heal.

Dennis Dass, MD
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Breast surgery after 6 weeks

If you have lost faith in your surgeon, it may be best to see another doctor for an evaluation if for nothing else but to be reassured.

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Dissovable stiches are pushing through my areola

When these problems with spitting sutures occur, I prefer to remove the sutures. The area involved will not heal until they dissolve or are removed. When implants are present, it makes sense to do all I can to decrease the bacterial count near the implant!

Yes, it is better to let these heal on their own rather than to suture them, but it is better to remove the foreign material. Thanks for your question, best wishes.  

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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