6 Mos. Post-BA: Injured Left Hand and Now R Breast More Firm - Could This Be More Muscle Tone or CC?

I am 6 months post breast augmentation. About 2 months ago I injured my left wrist and have since used my right side much more. My job is extremely physical. Recently my right breast is tighter than my left and appears slightly smaller when both arms are raised above my head. My right breast is not extremely hard, but is significantly more firm than the left. Could this be increased muscle tone on that side or should I be concerned about capsular contraction? If so, how can I prevent progression

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6 Mos. Post-BA: Injured Left Hand and Now R Breast More Firm - Could This Be More Muscle Tone or CC?

Based on your description, I am more inclined to believe that you have some suggestion of capsular contracture.  There may in fact be more muscle tone on that side, but this may also lead to highlighting a problem if there is in fact a capsular contracture.

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Firm implant appearing smaller is likely capsular contracture.

A smaller appearing, firmer implant is typically a capsular contracture. Methods to help halt the progression of capsular contracture include aggressive massage, sometimes U/S therapy, and possibly medications. The first step is to see your plastic surgeon for a complete evaluation.

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Breast Firmness Has Many Causes

The firmness of your breasts after breast augmentation can be affected by many factors.  Saline implants tend to be more firm than silicone.  Them amount of preoperative breast tissue also plays a role.  Silicone implants tend to have a higher risk of capsular contracture.  Without an examination it is difficult to assess the cause of breast firmness.  Pre and postop photos are also very helpful in determining if breast or chest wall asymmetry is playing a role.  In this particular situation, overuse of one side due to a disability in the other can lead to pectoralis muscle hypertrophy.  This can change the shape and feel of the breast.  This condition should resolved with time as you return to normal function.  Capsular contracture is unlikely to improve with time.  Discuss this matter with your surgeon after an examination to allay your concerns.  Best wishes.

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R Breast More Firm

At six months after surgery it is most likely that you muscle tone has returned to normal, and that the likeliest explanation is capsular contracture. Massage is the basic and simplest treatment, but do contact your surgeon for further advice and instruction--there are other modalities to treat these early and to try to avoid the need for surgery to resolve this. 

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Singulair for Capsular Contracture

Without a proper examination, it is impossible to determine if you are suffering from increased muscle tone or early capsular contracture. If you are developing capsular contracture, your plastic surgeon is the best person to diagnose this problem. Singulair can be prescribed by your surgeon, as this has been shown to prevent and even reverse early capsular contracture.

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