I Am 5" 6 and 171 Lbs Can I Have a TT and BBL? (photo)

I am a 24 year old mother of one, and I disgusted by the way my body looks. Its been 6 years since my pregnancy and I still struggle to loose the extra fat. I have no health problems, I exercise and try to eat healthy. I had my appendix removed so the scar has left my tummy looking side ways. I want kids in the future but thats like a minimum of 8 years before that happens, due to the fact I am a student and plan to be fully educated before i have anymore kids. Can I still have a MINI TT still ?

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Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift

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Based on the limited photo you posted, it looks you may need a full tummy tuck , liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon for advise

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I Am 5'6" and 171 Lbs Can I Have a TT and BBL?

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        Tummy tuck and Brazilian buttlift can be performed at the same time and would benefit you.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts and tummy tucks each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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