5wks After 475cc Gel Implants I Have Alot of Mid-back Pain - Normal?

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Adding 475cc implants can cause some back pain

The addition of 475cc implants is likely to cause a change in your posture as well as adding a significant weight to your chest. Because of this change, you are likely to feel some back discomfort as your body adjusts to the new weight. This is exacerbated if the implants are placed under the muscle. Exercises can help with this and some patients even seek out a physical therapist to help them strengthen their back to cope.

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Back pain post implants

Back pain is fairly common after breast augmentation but usually resolves over time.  A big reason for this is the need to sleep on your back for the first couple of weeks after the surgery.  Most people are not accustomed to sleeping in this position all night long, and it can cause back discomfort.  I suggest putting a pillow under your knees , and one on each side of your tummy, as this may help to relieve some of the strain on your back at night.  Having said that, 475 cc gel implants do weigh a lot, and it may take time for your body to get used to the new forces exerted on your musculoskeletal framework.

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5 weeks after breast augmentation--back pain pretty common!

After breast augmentation, swelling "drops" to the tummy and hips by gravity (when you are standing, which is most of the day), but it also drops to the sides and back (when you are laying down, which is the rest of the day). The interstitial fluid that is responsible for every patient's swelling and discomfort gradually reabsorbs and the kidneys eliminate it. You note this as softening of the breasts, and reduction of the swelling wherever it is.

Realize that the swelling and fluid that goes to the back when you are reclining or asleep then drops to the mid and lower back as you stand, so this is truly common, normal, and in the absence of OTHER symptoms (like chest pain or shortness of breath), nothing to worry about.

In addition to the fluid/swelling discussion above, there ARE shifts of balance points and center of gravity that your core muscles accommodate to over time. Compensation for sore chest muscles can contribute to back pain as well, and this resolves as the chest muscles heal. This continues to settle as you resume normal activities and exercise all of your muscles!

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Back Pain after Breast Augmentation

An interesting question.  Patients with naturally large breasts come in for consultation for breast reduction because of their back pain.  Adding 475 cc x 2 to your chest is naturally going to cause changes in your posture and may take some time for adjustments.  I would suggest talking to your doctor or trainer at the gym to work on muscle strengthening.  There is also an off chance that you could have something totally unrelated going on and, if concerned, you should consult with your medical doctor.


Good Luck.

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5wks After 475cc Gel Implants I Have Alot of Mid-back Pain - Normal?

Great question. I agree as the previous posters, Drs Placik, Wallach, Whitt, have stated. Most likely the primary reason is the muscular changes. But in this new evidence based medicine there are possible other issues that should be stated. Possible pulmonary, as bronchitis, pleurisy, atelectasis are ones that come to mind. Spinal changes. So basiclyy if things are not improved within another few weeks seek evaluation. From MIAMI Dr. darryl j. Blinski

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Back Pain after Augmentation Likely Due to Posturing

The mid-back pain that you describe five weeks following your augmentation is very likely due to posturing from your muscle discomfort.  You tend to use your back muscles to compensate for the pain in your chest muscles which leads to pain in your back.  This discomfort should resolve shortly.  If it does not, check with your physician.

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Back pain with implants

At five weeks your body is still adjusting to the implants and you have to give it some more time with strechng and the like to settle.

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VIDEO EXERCISES BELOW: 5wks After 475cc Gel Implants I Have Alot of Mid-back Pain - Normal

This is EXTREMELY common and due to compensatory postural changes secondary to pectoralis pain and an exaggerated kyphotic posture by individuals reflexively responding and attempting to relieve pain an injury to the pectoralis muscles and anterior chest wall. Shoulder girdle and back extension exercises mayease the pain:SEE VIDEO BELOW

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