5weeks Post Op and my Left Eye Seems More Open Than my Right Eye?

My left eye seems more open and wide than my right eye , I did need more skin removed from this eye and also a pocket of fat was removed, and it still feels sore and tight will they even out

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Post-Op Asymmetry

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It is very difficult to make an assessment of your complaint without photos. You also did not mention if you had your upper eye lids, lower eye lids, or both upper and lower eye lids done.  A set of pre-operative photos would also help to delineate any pre-existing  asymmetries. However, what I can say with any certainty is that you are still fairly early in your post operative course. At this time there is still significant amount of inflammation and healing taking place. The healing may not occur at an even pace in the different operative sites, and your final results may take 3 to 6 months to realize.

I recommend that you continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon and be sure to accurately communicate your concerns with them.

Best wishes.

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