5months Post Op for Lower Bleph, Results Are Worse Than Before... What Am I Suppose to Do?

id appreciate any advice. thank you i had lower bleph in dec '12, 5 mos ago. my dark circles got worse i told my doctor that i havent seen any improvement he told me to physically point out to him what the problem is and i pointed out to him a bluish tint underneath my eye he said that wont go away, but thats the reason why i had the op in the first place so i pretty much spent 2000 to make my dark circles worse what can i do/request as a patient? at this point, what can my doctor do for me?

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5months Post Op for Lower Bleph, Results Are Worse Than Before... What Am I Suppose to Do?

     The two most common reasons to perform a lower blepharoplasty would be to improve the appearance of bags and the appearance of wrinkles.  The operation does not specifically address pigmentation, but some of the effect is due to shadowing, which is improved with fat reduction or prevention of fat herniation.  If there is solely a pigmentation issue there are several nonsurgical modalities that may be tried based upon diagnosis.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can occur for a variety of reasons.  Dark circles which develop as a result of surgery (typically when extensive bruising took place) can sometimes represent hemosiderin staining of the skin.  This condition responds favorably to Q switched laser treatment.  Dark circles caused by venous blood often respond well to vascular laser treatment.  In other situations laser skin resurfacing is of benefit and in a handful of situations, despite our best efforts, little improvement results.   

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Dark circles under eyes

Dark circles under eye can be pigment or venous pooling.  Sometimes this can be improved based upon the diagnosis. Blepharoplasty does not treat this.

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Dark circles are not always best treated with eyelid lift

Though it is difficult to say without pictures, it sounds like you have dark circles under eyes from venous congestion of poor blood flow around the eyes.  Bags or pockets of fat can also cause dark circles but it needs to be determines which is the problem as venous congestion is not fixed by an eyelid lift.   There are some lasers that can improved blood flow and diminish dark circles as well as medical grade skincare. 

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A blepharoplasty procedure normally does not address dark circles.  A blepharoplasty addresses the skin and fat of the lids.  You should post pictures so that we can better help you.


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