5ft & 170lbs, Should I Lose Weight Before Getting A Brazilian Buttock Augmentation?

I want a brazilian buttock augmentation for a larger butt ofcourse i have no butt at all so im assuming i could use all fat from my belly where most of my fat is at i have 2 kids so its not hard fat in there id like a nicki minaj butt, i also want smaller arms and if there is anything i can do to get smaller shoulders i would like that aswell, i want my stomach to be flat and all scars from previous surgerys gone galbladder removal, and appendicitis.How much would this all cost? lose weight 1st?

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Brazilian butt lift and weight

For a Brazilian butt lift, it is necessary to have extra fat and be somewhat overweight to have the best results. Typically, a patient needs to be from 20 to 30 lbs. above the ideal body weight. If you were above those parameters, then, losing weight before surgery would be necessary to have the best results. There is a limit of fat that can be removed in one setting to avoid complications and optimize the results. The fat for a Brazilian butt lift is removed with liposuction. Liposuction is not a weight loss program. The best results for a Brazilian butt lift when a patient is overweight is to combine a weight loss program to reach a healthier weight and subsequently liposuction with fat grafting to achieve a nice body contouring.

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Brazilian butt lift and preop weight loss

The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction fat injection. Fat is a storage container. If you did not burn the calories come in your body that very second they will be stored as fat. But we're doing with the liposuction fat injection is taking fat away from where we don't want and putting it in the buttocks were we do what it.

I don't have my patients to lose weight before surgery unless there is a health reason. To my patient to exercise and diet the way they planned to do it after surgery. This way I can a sustained result after surgery. The worst patient I have is a patient who starves before surgery and the gains weight after surgery.


Liposuction works well in the arms but I don't know the answer to the shoulders. The scars of the abdomen will not go away with liposuction. And there may not be a surgical solution for the scars. Skincare are resurfacing with abrasion, chemical peels or lasers may be the only answer for that.

Photographs would help to determine the answer for the treatment of scars and a guess on the cost of surgery.

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Brazilian Buttock lift

Your BMI is 33, You are considered obese. If you want the best results then get to your ideal body weight and then start considering surgery to enhance your body image.

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