Smart Lipo on 59-year-old with Heart Issues?

59 year old with ICD/ pacemaker and dialated cardiomyopathy. Difficult to exericise and diet excess fat. Can I recieve Smart Lipo?

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Liposuction with cardiac risk factors

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Liposuction, even if done with only tumescent local anesthetic, has risks. The adrenaline in the anesthetic can make the heart race in some people, which can put a stress on the heart. Medications that you take can interact wtih the metabolism of the local anesthetic. You would need a medical clearance by your internist or cardiologist who should have a clear understanding of the technique by discussing it with your surgeon. There is some fluid given to you  (diulte local anesthetic) with the anesthetic and that can stress your heart from the mere addition of volume load to your circulation. As liposuction is not a replacement for diet and exercise, you might notice after having gone through as surgical procedure that you've gained back most of the fat. Remember, no matter how safe a procedure is, there are always risks, and your risk for a serious complication may be much greater having the cardiomyopathy. It may not be worth incurring this risk for an elective cosmetic procedure.

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