I Am 58 Years Old. I Have Been Wearing Glasses for Near and Far Sightenedess for over 15 Years?

I am ready to do surgery and looking for the best option for me. I suffer from both far-sightedness & near-sightedness and spend hundreds/ even thousands on eye exams, glasses, etc. as my vision is growing ever worse. I have astigmatism as well. I have decided that the time has come to fix this problem more permanently. I went to a consultation and was told that implants were the best option for me. Money is no problem. I just want to know what is best for me. Implants Vs Lasik? Please advise. :)

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It depends.

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To answer your question responsibly, one would at least have to know your refractive error (degree of hyperopia).  At your age be aware that refractive surgery would not necessarily eliminate the need for reading glasses.  Also consider that refractive surgery would make lens implant selection for you future cataract surgery more problematic.

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