Would a Vi or Glycolic Peel Restore my Collagen?

I'm 58 W/ Thin Irish Skin That Flushes Red in a Warm Shower. I wear hats & 30 SPF block faithfully & live in sunny So-Cal. 5 yrs ago I had physician-delivered IPL (5 treatments in 7 weeks) with amazing results. 17 months ago I had another IPL series (6) of lower intensity delivered by nurses at American Laser Center. Modest results.

But now I have red patches on the "apples" of my cheeks & smaller spots near my nose and lower cheek area. Did laser treatments cause these? What can diminish them? Which type of medical peel would help?

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Probably some Mild Rosacea

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It sounds like you have some mild rosacea, based on your description of the redness.  It is hard to tell if the IPL caused the red patches.  As you know, IPL is an effective treatment for rosacea.  I don't think a peel is your best bet, as peels do not help with redness on the face. 

Burbank Dermatologist

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