5'8, 124 Lbs. 6.5 Breast Width, 11.5 BWD, 28 Ribcage. Will Naturelle 15-371 = "Natural" D?

I would like to acheive a soft natural looking 32D - D+. I have been researching the foums and have talked to a PS. The PS thought that the 397cc 13.1 diameter would be too wide,(I like side boob) but the next cc size down is 371cc 12.9 diameter. Other women my height / weight have said that I'll need a bigger implant to get the look I want. Most important to me is to appear more proportionate and "hourglass", my hips measure 35 - 35 1/2, waist= 25 1/2 without looking fake. Is this possible?

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Choosing your breast implant size

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It is not in your best interest to pre-select your breast implant size or style. There are so many variables associated with the implants chosen for the patient and what the "look" will be (chest wall shape, patients goals, etc..).  Intra-operatively, I use temporary sizers to see how different volume implants look on that specific patient and compare that look to the "goal photos" that patient has given to me prior to surgery.  I find that it is best to communicate with your surgeon as to your "goals" and allow them to use their expertise to choose the right implant for you.

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