I Am 5'7", 200lbs and 36J Bra. Would It Be Better to Lose Weight Before or After Surgery?

I find it painful to exercise at a faster pace than a brisk walk but I know losing weight will reduce the size of my breasts. Is it better to wait for surgery until I lose weight? Will getting a breast reduction then losing weight cause even more reduction, and will it cause my perky new breasts to lose their shape?

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I Am 5'7", 200lbs and 36J Bra. Would It Be Better to Lose Weight Before or After Surgery?

Attaining your ideal weight is always best but what a challenge! I might consider a BR in you but you need in person evaluations to be sure. 

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Breast reduction and weight loss

It is always better to get to your goal weight or close to it before havinf a breast reduction. If you lose more weight after the reduction, your breasts may become smaller and possibly sag.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reduction and weight loss

While I understand that it is very difficult and even painful to exercise with 36J breasts, it is definitely better to be at or as close as possible to your goal weight prior to surgery.  No one can predict how your breasts will change after weight loss; so if you had your surgery and then lost weight, you may find that you don't like the shape or size of your breasts.  Also, being at your goal weight will make your surgery and recovery go more smoothly.  I would recommend that you speak with a boar-certified plastic surgeon to discuss what would be best for you.  Good luck!

Anureet K. Bajaj, MD
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Lose Weight Before Breast Reduction?

If possible, it would be better to lose as much weight as is reasonable before breast reduction. However, size 36J breasts may make it hard to exercise to lose weight. Speak with your doctor about a weight loss plan and give it 6 -12 months to see how it goes.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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Best To Lose Weight Before Breast Reduction

It would be best if you could lose weight and get closer to your ideal body weight prior to your breast reduction surgery.  This is especially true if you have a history of gaining or losing breast volume in relation to your body weight.  If you lose a good bit of weight after the reduction, this could result in more sagging and smaller breasts than you might desire.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Weight loss and breast reduction

my answer would be yes and yes. that means definitely lose the bulk of the weight before but you do not have to be at your absolute optimal weight for this. you can then lose a smaller percentage after the surgery and should still be very happy with the results

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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Loose it now

Always better to loose it before than after. Your BMI is 32 putting you in the obese category. Go on a diet before surgery, you will feel better and have an easier recovery.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction Timing?

Thank you for the question.
Based on your description you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery; it tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations we  perform. By removing “excess” breast tissue, adipose tissue, and breast skin  this operation reduces and lifts the breasts to a higher position on the chest wall. By doing so, patients often find improvement in neck, back, and shoulder discomfort and find it easier to form their activities of daily living and exercise.
Timing of the operation will depend on the patient's life circumstances. In general, it is best to do this procedure ( like all other elective body contouring the stages,  when patients have reached their long-term stable weights.  Losing weight prior to the procedure will  improve the safety of the procedure and minimize the need for further surgery ( in the event of weight gain/loss after the breast reduction procedure).
I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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