Doctor Says I Don't Have Enough Fat For BBL; How Much More Fat Does He Need?

I am 5'6 and weigh between 155-160 and I'm sure my BMI is over 30. I was told by a Dr. that seen my pic that I didn't have enough fat to transfer over to get a Butt Lift. I will say that I donot have much fat around my stomach area put trust me there is some and my lower back. He said he would have to get 500cc of fat for each Gluteal/Butt. How much FAT is that? And were are the best places on your Body were you can get that FAT? Note...I have seen much,much small people than me to get a BBL.


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BBL needs only fat tissue

you will need  aproximately 8 to ten pounds on overweight to realize this kind  of  operation however  lately we are injecting  macrolane than it is a very tolerated reabsorbable collagen from sweedish production to be grafted to tinny patients with great results and cero problems

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Your calculated BMI, at 5' 6'', 155lb is 25.

Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgery to shape the body and the buttock area. Most of the time one can find some fat to inject. It is important to remove the fat around the love handles and lower back to reshape the buttocks then inject the cleaned fat into the buttocls.

500 cc of fat is about one pound. 500 cc to each buttock is a total of 1000 cc of pur fat that will translate to total aspirate of liposuction of 2000-3000 cc of fat and liquid.

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