At 56 Had Upper Blepharoplasty for Second Time. After 12 Days Drooping in Inside Corners? (photo)

The inside corners look like there is excess skin.

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Appears to be typical swelling

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The inner puffiness during the second week after eyelid surgery can likely be explained by normal postoperative swelling. Though it is best to discuss this with your surgeon in the office at your next visit to sure. Swelling can take several weeks after eyelid surgery to resolve, especially if this is your second go around. Time and sometimes gentle massage once your incisions are healed can be helpful. If you have severe itching, and worsening of your swelling associated with redness or pain, however, these can be signs of infection or allergic reaction and should be addressed with your doctor.

Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

Minor abnormalities 12 days after blepharoplasty should not be cause for alarm.

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Everything I see in the photograph can be explained by swelling. Be patient and keep in touch with your surgeon.

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