Will Sculptra Help Jowls and Marionette Lines?

I am 56 and thinking about Sculptra for jowls and marionette lines??

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Sculptra for jowls and marionette lines

Sculptra may help volumize the deflated cheek which contributes to sagging and formation of a deeper marionette line, smile fold and a jowl to form which hangs over the jaw.  However, not all patients see the flattening of the folds and raising of the jowls once volumization is done. Their skin and fat might be so dense and heavy that the filling isn't enough support to help lift it.

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Sculptra for jowls and subdommissural (marionette) lines?

If you have jowls, a filler that diminishes the indentations just in front of the jowls can make subtle but dramatic improvements. Or be worthless and simply "fill" the jowls, making then even more visible! The same goes for the subcommissural (marionette) lines, but filler generally does work better here, IF the skin is not too loose and drooping, causing the lines, and needing facelift to tighten.

Sculptra in the right hands can be a very nice biostimulant and adds facial volume where other fillers are inadequate or prohibitively expensive for the volume created. And the effects are gradual, requiring several sessions for maximum volume, and allowing you to "stop" any time the desired result is achieved.

But . . . Sculptra will not replace a facelift when this is the better option. See one or more ABPS-certified plastic surgeons for advice about both surgical and non-surgical options. The best ones will give you the most improvement for the least money and the longest-term results. For examples of what facelifting can achieve, click on the web reference link below. Dr. Tholen

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Sculptra for Jowls and Marrionette lines

Sculptra, or any filler (including your own fat) can be used successfully to volumize key facial areas, and thereby soften jowls and marrionette lines.  This product has been used safely for many years, both in the US and abroad.  It will require 3-5 treatment sessions, and is quite pricy compared to other filler products, but you are getting a longer-lasting, and more natural result.  I recommend going to someone with a great deal of experience, as this product needs to be properly distributed all over your face in order to accomplish your desired goal.

Good luck.

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Sculptra help jowls and marionette lines

I would give you a 50/ 50 chance. Remember this product needs at least 3 to 4 sessions to see any result over a 3 month time frame.

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