Is 550CCs Too Big? I Don't Want to Be an E!

I had a breast aug. about 5 months ago. I went from a 34AA to a 34C/ 34D (and depending on the store I get the bra from I've fit into a 32DD-at Victoria Secret). I've been disappointed with my size, I wanted to be a full D/DD and fill a bra without padding. If I get a redo with 550ccs would that be too much? I am 127 and 5'8. My current implant size is silicone high profile under the muscle 425 CCs.

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Going Larger with Revision Breast Surgery

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It's very difficult to predict cup size after surgery. I ask patients to print out photos of what they want to achieve as well as photos that are too big and too small.  In the operating room, I use temporary sizers to figure out what size / profile implant will give the patient the "look" they are looking for.  I think it's too much responsibility for the patient if they have to select the implant size (because how do you know what a 550cc silicone implant will look like?).  Take in LOTS of photos for your PS.

Is a 550cc implant too large?

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If you currently have a 425cc implant and are a C/D cup, and are looking to be a D/DD cup, then you are probably going to have to go up about 100cc or so to 525-550cc.  On the other hand, you should be aware of the risks as you go to a larger and heavier implant (especially if you have thin tissue to begin with), including stretching and thinning of your tissues and "drop out" of your implant to too low of a position, effects some of which may not be reversible or easily treatable.  You have to be well informed and decide whether the risks are worth it to you.

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