Are 550cc Breast Implants Too Big?

I am 5'5" at 105 lbs 30" across chest. I have 350cc Silicone Breast Implants under the muscle, 18 yr old Dow corning implants needing capsulectomy.

I want Allergan style 20 high profile (width: 13.5 /5.6 projection) either 475cc or 550cc silicone. Would the 550cc be too huge for me?

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Many factors to consider when choosing the right implant

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How you would look with larger implants depends on many factors in addition to those you have listed. Although your chest width is useful, the width of your breast itself is more accurate. This will help your surgeon match you with the implant with the appropriate base diameter. High profile implants provide more volume for any given base diameter.

The amount and the elasticity of your breast skin will determine your ability to accomodate the larger implant.

Finally, your own preferences play a role. What's just right for one patient is too large and unnatural for the next.

Good luck!

Larger implants can lead to problems

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Even a style 20 implant of those dimensions may be too large. Larger implants can cause increased ptosis over time and even silicone gel submuscular implants have increased rippling. I would have a frank discussion with your surgeon who can evaluate your tissue characteristics and make specific recommendations. Larger implants (even higher profile) are not always better.

Carl Price, MD
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

When are implants too large?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, implants have a diameter relative to their volume. If the diameter exceeds the diameter of the breast, the implant will go beyond the normal anatomic limits and look bizarre. High profile implants allow more volume with a smaller base, but at the risk of looking more globe like that the lower profile alternatives.

In your case, it would seem to me that you will be quite large and that choice of hi-profile would be the proper selection based on your frame. Prepare to buy some large bras, however.

Maybe 550 cc breast implants are too big

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Without examining you it is hard to know. The quality of the tissue you have to cover the implants and your dimensions are the most important issues here. They will probably fit, but might show some rippling if your tissue is too thin.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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