550cc or 600 Cc High Profile Silicone; Which Will Stick Out More?

i currently have 420 smooth round moderate saline implants. I am going back to get high profile silicone with either 550cc or 600cc. I just want to make sure that will be worth going back for. My surgeon says the high profile will stick out more and that's what I want. I'm just stuck between the two sizes. Help?

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Will high profile Implants stick out more?

Yes, high profile implants will certainly stick out more than moderate profile. If you are seeking more projection I would suggest Allergan's Style 45 silicone implants, they have the most projection on the market and do a great job of filling the upper pole. good luck

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Change of Implant Size For More Breast Projection

Between an adequate size increase and a higher profile, you should get more breast projection. The decision between 550cc (30% increase) and 600cc (42% increase) is not a big difference in terms of percent volume. From the perspective of 'is it worth it' indicates that you want to see a significant difference not a subtle one. Therefore, I would recommend a 600cc implant knowing that you already have 2/3s of that volume already. Unless you have a 30% to 40% implant volume increase or more, most patients will not feel that there is a significant difference.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Larger Implants and Reaugmentation

Without a doubt, the larger the implant and the higher the profile result in a more projecting implant. How much, however, cannot be predicted. You need to communicate with your surgeon as to the look you desire and this needs to be balanced with your anatomy. Often bringing in photos will help to clarify your desires with your surgeon. 

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Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Bigger size implant

I don't think 50 cc difference on any implant may be high profile or some other style makes any difference .To be quite noticeable I would agree with the idea that go to your surgeon with some images of boobs of your choice and let him suggest what is best for you and at lest 100 cc more could be added in opinion  .Since I am suggesting all this without much information about you like most other surgeons and your own surgeon alone knows you best take his opinion in consideration as the most important one.

Without doubt the high profile will stick out more

Very true, the high profile implant will stick out more, standing, sitting, even when on your back and you will like them if the look is for you. If you wish to go up a full cup size you might need to go up 150cc.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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