I'm 5'5" and 119 Pounds. I Had Myomectomy Oct/05, 25 Days Ago and Got a Muffin Top?

I know it is too early to tell but even though 6 pounds of fibroids taken (13 of them) I did not have a belly before and now this...What should I do now to make it better and heal faster, warm compress helps? Also what are the chances that this will not go away? I did not have fat in my belly before, how long takes to see it back to normal? Also vaser shape helps and we can do that 2 months after surgery? Thanks for your answer Sabrina

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Myomectomy and Contour Concerns

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   Give yourself at least 3 months for the healing process, and then you can visit a plastic surgeon if you still have concerns.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Muffin Top after Myomectomy

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Hi Sabrina,

It's hard to say anything without an exam or a photo but depending on many factors it is most likely much too early in the recovery process to make an assessment about what your final result will be.  It takes up to a year or more for tissues to contract after significant weight loss (removing 6 pounds of fibroids is comparable to that).  That's not a guarantee that the contour will be what you want; just a reminder that 25 days post-op is too earlier to be overly concerned about it.

That being said, you can start planning for what you would do IF you do not improve adequately.  Options include liposuction, skin removal and tightening (various forms of tummy tucks) or a combination.  You can read about these procedures pretty much everywhere at this point, and become versed in the terminology, and the choices.  Then, you should probably go for one or more consultations to see how the options apply to you.  You should probably wait until about 3 months post-op to give your body a chance to heal, though it's never too early to get information if you're so inclined.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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