1 Week PO, Did My Boobs Soften Too Early?

54kg/156cm Oringinal Small B Cup and Just Got 305cc I Regret Not Getting 325cc.  After one week my breast already fall softer. They are not too high above my chest and already look natural.. Are they supposed to feel soft already.. Still little pain but bearable.. My friend got hers same time as me, and she is in more pain and her boobs are still very hard so I'm worried why mine have softened a little and numbing has gone.. They still look big as they originally did after surgery. Should I be worried if they softened to early?

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Softness soon after surgery.

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Thank you for your question. Congrats on the surgery. It may take months for the breasts to fully soften, and they may never soften to the pre-surgical state. In addition, the greater the implant to breast tissue ratio, the more the implant will affect the longterm firmness (or softness) of the breast. I would exercise patience and see how things continue to change with every few weeks that pass by.

1 Week PO, Did My Boobs Soften Too Early?

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I would not have any concern about the implants feeling normal this early. Every patients recovery is different, and depends on many factors. I would fret about 20 cc--less than half a shot glass. It is doubtful that 20 cc would make a noticeable difference. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast softening

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Everyone heals at a different rate and can have different post-op results and symptoms. I would not worry too much and just allow the healing process to progress.

#Breasts Softening too Early After #BreastAugmentation

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Your breasts being soft is not an issue, however the implant volume could be. If they look too small already - at one week, they are not going to get bigger with time. Choosing the appropriate sized implant is critical to success, but you should wait to allow the implants to fully settle before deciding what to do next. 

Continue to follow up with your surgeon to ensure that you progress as planned.

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Swelling resolves at different rates in breast augmentation patients.

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Consider yourself lucky if your breasts are soft soon after surgery. This is not a problem but just a potential outcome.

Soft breasts are great

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It sounds as though you are doing great and do not need to worry. It is possible that you are doing well because you did not go with larger implants.It usually takes larger implants longer to become soft, and even with time larger implants often never get as soft as smaller implants. Also, larger implants often lie higher on the chest initially.

John J. Bandeian, MD
Bristol Plastic Surgeon

Did My Boobs Soften Too Early after Breast Augmentation?

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No, you should not worry;  if anything, it sounds like you are doing quite well. Enjoy the outcome of the procedure performed.

 Best wishes.

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