Im 5'4 & Weigh 298. I Want a Gastric Bypass & Also a Butt Lift. Whats the Best an Cheapest Way 2 Go?

I live in Sacramento, Ca. If anyone knows a good Dr. That would be great.

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Buttock lift after gastric bypass

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier life.  In your case I would recommend first seeking out a general surgeon in your area well experienced in gastric bypass surgery.  If you decide to go through with the surgey and after you lose all the weight fom this and your weight is stable (usually takes 1 1/2 + years after surgery) you are then ready to seek out a board cetified plastic surgeon who specializes in buttock enhancement surgery.  After massive weight loss there may be other areas that concern you more or as well so it is best to wait.  Glad to help...RAS

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