Arm Lift for Wrinkly Arm Skin After Weight Loss?

I am 54 and recently lost about 45 pounds and my arms have developed very wrinkly skin. Will an arm lift help?

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Options for Arm lift or Brachioplasty after weight loss

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The options for improving the appearance of the arm after weight loss depends on the degree of excess skin, laxity of soft tissue, and the amount of fatty deposit.

Here are your options:

  • Full or Min Brachioplasty (arm lift)
  • Brachioplasty and liposuction
  • Liposuction alone
  • Laser assisted Liposculpture

Please consult Board certified plastic surgeons to help you with this.


Dr. Sajjadian

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Majority of Weight Loss Patients Require Brachioplasty Surgery

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                  It’s not unusual for weight loss patients to develop loose saggy upper arm skin. When this wrinkly loose skin occurs, treatment varies from patient to patient and depends on a variety of factors. Under these circumstances, the vast majority of massive weight loss patients require brachioplasty surgery.

                  In your case it’s virtually impossible to make a recommendation without pictures or a physical examination. An arm lift is probably necessary for someone who has lost 45 pounds, but occasionally liposuction alone is adequate.

                  It’s important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience performing arm lift surgery. This surgeon should be able to formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

Arm lift after massive weight loss.

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The best indication for an arm lift, and the most gratifying are those who have lost a lot of weight.  The skin is usually flabby and overstretched.  It is simple and effective to remove the skin that has been stretched past its capacity.  No Liposuction, or other noninvasive modalitiy will help the skin become more firm around the arms.  The length and type of the incision will vary depending upon the location and the amount of fat in the arms.  The cost will also vary by geographic locale.  Most will run anywhere from $3500-$7000.  I would advise you to visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to have treatment recommendations specific to your concerns.


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Congratulations on your significant weight loss!
Unfortunately, wrinkly arm skin is a common side effect of massive weight loss.  Not having seen pictures of your arms, I would anticipate that you would benefit from an arm lift. 
Given your age, it is difficult for the skin to bounce back.  Also, given your weight loss, I would suggest an arm lift or brachioplasty.  This is done through an incision from the armpit to the elbow and this is often done with liposuction.  Typically, the scars are very acceptable.  
J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS
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J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS
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Arm lift (brachioplasty) after weight loss

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Congratulations on your weight loss!  If you have a fair amount of loose skin on your upper arms, then you may be a good candidate for an arm lift. Sometimes this surgery is combined with liposuction if the upper arm needs it. Arm lifts tend to leave lengthy scars, from the armpit to the elbow, and sometimes they can widen or thicken. Scar revisions are sometimes helpful.

I suggest you visit with at least one board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring to discuss your situation in more detail. I hope that helps and wish you all the best!

Options for wrinkled arm skin after weight loss...

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When a person has lost a substantial amount of weight there tends to be a lot of loose skin on their body.  Many patients have loose skin on their arms and would benefit from Brachioplasty, also called an arm lift.  Liposuction is not a great option for loose skin unless a lot of fat is still present.  For Brachioplasty, your surgeon would make an incision in the underarm area down to the elbow on the inner part of your arm, as to conceal the scar, and remove the excess skin.  Then using optimal plastic surgery techniques he will close the incision line.  After the healing process you should be left with a thin white line.  Consult with your plastic surgeon to see if you would be a candidate for this procedure.

Arm surgery?

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Yes, barring any contraindications, you may be an excellent candidate for arm lifting surgery.

You should educate yourself regarding the scars associated with this procedure- they do tend to spread  or experience pigment change. Scar revision surgery is often necessary/helpful.  Planning of the excision is critical- the resulting scar should be as hidden as possible. Personally, I think this scar is least visible when it ends up on the inferior (bottom) of the arm as opposed to the bicipital groove (between the biceps and triceps muscles).

Only you can determine if the improvement of the contour of the arms is worth the trade-off of the scar  In your case. This can be best done with the help of well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

It should....

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Lax upper arm skin is the usual reason for brachioplasty. Just be sure your weight change is complete and stable as things may look different if you lose or gain a good deal of weight after surgery.


Best Regards,


John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Excess skin in arms after weight loss

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First, congratulations on your successful weight loss!  Arm lift or Brachioplasty surgery is best suited to those patients who have loose, empty skin in the upper arm and desire more confidence in their arm appearance. After surgery there is less loose skin, however, the trade off is a scar from near the armpit to the elbow. An experienced, board certified plastic surgeon can assist you in deciding if this surgery is a good option for you.

Arm lift

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An arm lift procedure is one in which the loose skin and excess fat is removed from the medial(inner) side of the arm,

Steven Wallach, MD
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