I Am Almost 5'4 at 115lbs Am I a BBL Candidate for Improval of my Shape and to Achieve More Hips and Buttock Projection? (photo)

I have a fat necrosis issue on the right butt cheek from impact trauma, this scar tissue would first need to be released. I think I have adequate fat pockets for the transfer because I already have some fat in my natural proportions of my buttock Primarily my fat is located (outer thigh, flank, low back, sacral fat pad) Am I a candidate for BBL, what kind of price would I be looking at with the scar release? What will my success rate be of fat survival. My butt feels long opposed to wide

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Buttock indentation

You may have some fat for harvesting, in the flanks, lower back and lateral thighs. The major concentration should be to the area of indentation due to fat necrosis from trauma.

In that area the scar is released by going through it and filling with fat in multiple direction(Three dimentional).

If the skin is stuck then it will need to be released with a fork shaped cannula and fillig with fat at the same time.

Total cost including the surgeon fees and the anesthesia fees and facility fees woud be $9500

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Brazilian Buttlift after Trauma

   The pliability of the skin and tissues in the areas mentioned will have to be examined.  The amount of fat is not tremendous, but you can probably get 800 cc transfers to each buttock (or in your case more in the smaller buttock).  The cost may be slightly more than customary (range $6500 to $12000).  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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