Having Tummy Tuck - Will Mons area, Overhang and Under Breast Fat be addressed?

I am 5'3" and weigh 162. My tummy tuck is 2/2/12 but I am wondering if the following is taken care of during this surgery. Because of the overhang I have due to 4 previous surgeries, my mons are is fat and sticks out on the top which feels hard. Under each breast I have a pocket of fat. Will these items be addressed. I guess I am wondering exactly what is improved, the waist, the mons area and fat. thanks

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What does a tummy tuck correct?

I will typically point out the areas you expressed concern about and address them at surgery.  When a tummy tuck is performed it is best not to look at the abdominal skin in isolation.  I will always lift the mons and somtime perform liposuction in that area to thin it out and make it look flat following surgery.  The areas underneath your breasts can also be addressed with liposuction.

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Areas addressed in tummy tuck

Tummy tuck is a great procedure when you have 1) excess abdominal skin and fat and (2) stretched out muscle.  During tummy tuck, the excess skin/fat from belly button down to the pubic region is removed and the muscle is repaired.  Although the "pocket of fat under the bra" may improve after tummy tuck, it will not be completely flatten out.  In addition, your mons will be lifted; but you may need some liposuction in the future.  Only your plastic surgeon who has examined you can tell you what area will and will not be corrected from tummy tuck.  You should talk with him/her again prior to your surgery so that you have a good understanding and reasonable expectation from your surgery. Best wishes.

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Mons pubis

When a tummy tuck is performed the mons area can be reduced and defatted at the same time.  I do this pretty routinely, but you should definitely bring this up with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery  to determine if he or she plans to do this.  As far as fat under the breasts, this could possibly be liposuctioned at the same time as the tummy tuck.  However some plastic surgeons  prefer not to suction this area at the same time for fear of compromising circulation to the abdominal flap. Again, it's worth mentioning this to your surgeon to see is it can be done at the same time.

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What is covered in during tummy tuck

If you do have a very full mons area, and a fat deposit under the breast, all can be corrected with  the tummy tuck, but as a rule it is never safe to assume. Address this issue with your surgeon well before hand, so proper assessment and arrangements for correction are incorporated into your tummy tuck plan.

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Tummy Tuck and Problem Areas?

Thank you for the question.

I suggest that you meet with your plastic surgeon again and show him/her the areas of concern that you have mentioned. This is the only way you will know exactly what is planned and what to expect. This  communication will also inform your plastic surgeon what your concerns are and will allow him/her to inform you whether or not the areas will be addressed.

Again, I think communication is one of the important keys to success for patients undergoing plastic surgical procedures.

Best wishes.

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