I am 5'3" and weight @170 lbs. can I get abdominoplasty at this weight? (photo)

I know that it would be best to lose weight first, but this seems to be the weight I can maintain. I am a vegetarian, eat pretty healthy, and exercise a few times a week for half an hour. Weight is not my biggest concern, it Is the SHAPE of my midsection that I am unhappy with. my stomach has looked like this since I was 14 or 15 and I really want to get rid of this "muffin top"

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I am 5'3" and weight @170 lbs. can I get abdominoplasty at this weight?

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Eventhough you are not at your best weight, your BMI is such that the surgery would be considered safe. In addition, the things that are going on with your tummy ar things that can be dramatically improved with surgery. A standard abdominoplasty is not going to be enough for you, however. Because of the fullness in the sides and lower back you will need at least some extensive liposuction in that area and evenbetter would be acircumferential TT to remove not only the fat in the sides, but also the skin.

Portland Plastic Surgeon
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You will get your best result when you are at your best weight.

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If this is it, go for it!  An improved appearance will result from surgery, but the "best" result will occur if you are at your "best" weight.

Your first decision should be to select an experienced plastic surgeon who can evaluate your current condition and together you can make the decision.  There are many factors to consider, and these can only be fully addressed through a consultation.

Best of luck!

Optimal weight and cosmetic surgery.

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As you mentioned, ideal weight  before surgery gives the patient the best chance for the best result.  However, your best weight is the weight that is maintainable.  You select what that number should be!
I  can sculpt your body with procedures that will make you proportional to your overall size and shape.  An aggressive liposuction in one area without attention to the adjacent region will indeed look funny.  Also, consider that health risks are lessened in thinner surgery patients.  Overall, there is a wide spectrum of patients that have procedures done.  Get some consultations.  You will quickly see a spectrum of potential results for yourself, and the doctors that will work with and for you.   

H. Michael Roark, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Full tummy tuck good option

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Yes, you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck. Liposuction of the love handles will also help trim the mid-section. You will have a nice shape after it is done. Make sure you are done with your pregnancies prior to proceeding.

Joel Patrick Maier, MD
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon
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I am 5'3" and weight @170 lbs. can I get abdominoplasty at this weight?

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   I think a tummy tuck with liposuction of your sides and back will produce a very nice improvement in contours.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of tummy tucks and body contouring procedures each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Optimal weight for abdominoplasty

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You fall at the upper end of an appropriate weight for an abdominoplasty. You have an increased risk of infection and perhaps some areas of poor healing but I don't think these are prohibitive.  Be sure to pick a board-certified plastic surgeon with a lot of experience with abdominoplasty. I think there's a good chance you will be very happy.

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