I Am 5'2", 42 Years Old About 130 Lbs. I Had my Tummy Tuck on 12/7/11 Should I Drop LBS?

If it matters I am Philippine. Should I drop more weight?

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Weight loss immediately after tummy tuck is not a wise option

The important time to lose weight was before surgery. Right now is no time to be on a diet as you need the calories and nutrition to heal your wounds. Depriving yourself of these important building blocks can result in untoward consequences such as delayed healing and even infection.

You can formulate a plan later if you want to lose some additional weight. Discuss the timing and plan with both your plastic surgeon and primary care doctor.

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Should my weight go down after a tummy tuck?

It sounds that your surgery was about 2 weeks ago. At this time you should not weigh yourself, because of postoperative swelling and fluid retention your weight might be more than preoperatively. I always tell my patients not to step on a scale for at least 3 months. Your BMI is 24, certainly you were not overweight preop. Depending how much liposuction was done at the same time and what was the weight of the removed skin could give you an estimate about weight loss. Remember, that just having surgery is a stress to the body and you could loose some weight from that too. Be patient, your shape will continue to improve over 4-6 months.

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Tummy Tuck and Weight?

If I understand your question correctly,  it addresses weight loss after tummy tuck surgery.

Generally, it is best to reach a long-term stable weight prior to undergoing tummy tuck surgery. After the surgery it is best to maintain this long-term stable weight through healthy diet and exercise.

Check with your family practitioner in regards to your specific weight as it relates to your overall health.

Best wishes.

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